Car Getting Older? 2 Tips To Keep The Exterior In Top Condition

If your car is getting older, there are many things you can do to help make it look great for you. One of these things is keeping the exterior in top condition. This way you can continue to drive your car instead of purchasing a new one, which will save you a lot of money. To get started, below are two tips on how you can keep the exterior in good condition for longer.

Protect Your Car From Rust

If you live in an area that has bad winters, your car is likely subjected to a lot of salt on the roads. This salt will damage the paint under your car.  Also, if you currently have any type of damage, such as small dents, rust can easily build up on these areas.

The best way to protect your car from rust is to purchase a rust inhibitor spray. This spray can be purchased at an auto parts store. There will be complete instructions on how to use the spray. You can spray the undercarriage, doors, fenders, and panels. The spray comes with a variety of nozzles that you can easily change out when needed. For example, there are small nozzles that allow you to spray in tight areas and large nozzles that allow you to spray a large surface much easier.

You generally need to reapply the rust inhibitor once per year, but this does depend on how much you drive your car and the conditions you drive it in.

Keep Your Car Clean

Keeping the exterior clean can help protect the car, as even small dust particles and dirt can cause small scratches. Over time, these scratches can become larger, which will result in more damage to your car's finish. Cleaning the car often will also help keep the paint in good condition. When you finish washing your car, dry it with a microfiber towel.

Along with washing, you should apply a wax to your car. This puts a layer of protection in place and protects the exterior from the sun's damaging rays. How often you need to wax your car depends on many things, such as how well your car is protected from the elements, how often you drive your car, etc. In most cases, washing it every three to six months will be fine. 

Besides these two things, keep your car covered to protect it from the sun's damaging rays by using a car cover, parking it under a carport, or parking the car in a garage.